Jeff Howe Bibliography

It has been a while since I've updated this site and many books have been added in that time. I've decided to just put them all out here. Some are out of print, and I don't know if I'll bring them back. With the exception of Poesy, Hallucination of Majestic Elephants, Of Trains and Other Things and Echoes from the Antechamber, all the Kindle works are short stories pulled from the previously published books. A couple of the books were published under a pen name. I have my reasons for doing so which I'll not divulge here. All the covers listed are linked to their corresponding pages on Amazon. Happy clicking!



Physical Books
(in order of publication)

From Here to Never Falling from a Cloud The March of the Turtles Of Trains & Other Things Stop the Scrambled Eggs Look One Last Just Drop Me Off at the Moon Bullets for Life Hallucination of Majestic Elephants Echoes from the Antechamber Patterns at the Periphery
Spindale BDUDays From the Sea
She Spoke
Welcome to the
Geriatric Ward
(short stories and full books in no particular order)
The Concourse The Train The Tracks The Decision Life is a Meal This Magic Moment A Change of Season Driver's Seat Almost Heaven The Omega Collaborative The Room
A Brave New World A Forest in Forever The Tattoo The Box Waiting for Sherrie The Face of Modern Love Poesy Of Trains & Other Things Hallucination of Majestic Elephants Echoes from the Antechamber Patterns Parsed
In the Shadow With Anguish Deep and Human Night Time is the Right Time Room 102